Would you like to help translate The Lifelong Activist?

If you’d like to help empower activists by translating a piece of The Lifelong Activist into your language please email me. All translation work is unpaid, and all translations are made available to the public for free on this page. Thank you! — Hillary

New! Hebrew

  • My friend Rakefet translated the chapter about Finding and Cultivating Mentors into Hebrew. Download it here.
  • Rakefet has translated a second chapter (Three More Facts About Burnout). Download it here.



  • My friend Alessandro is translating The Lifelong Activist into Italian. Download it here.


  • The 1st section of The Lifelong Activist (“Managing Your Mission”)is now available in Spanish!
  • The 3d section of The Lifelong Activist (“Managing your Fears”)is now available in Spanish!
    Thanks to my friend Erik in Mexico for the translations!
  • Bonus Spanish translation! My job searching guide, It’s Not You, It’s Your Strategy.
    Download here.
    Thanks to my friend Juan in Uruguay for the translation, and a gorgeous illustrated cover!


  • My friend Malte has translated part of The Lifelong Activist into Swedish and added his own annotations. Download it here.