3. The Most Important Point About Marketing and Sales

The most important thing you need to know about marketing and sales is that both activities are easy and fun.

Marketing is a fun, creative activity. A lot of it, as you will see, is brainstorming around your cause and the people whom you hope to influence. Then, you get to convey your ideas in creative and compelling ways, by creating posters, speeches, public service announcements (PSAs), films, fliers and theatrical events.

Sales is also a fun activity, believe it or not. Okay—perhaps not if you’re really shy, in which case you might want to stick with behind-the-scenes marketing or other activities. But many people, once they know what they’re doing and get in some practice, find that they like sales. That’s because, done right, it pretty much comes down to socializing with a defined purpose.

Marketing and sales are also, as you will see, relatively easy and straightforward activities. In other words, they are well within the intellectual and other abilities of almost any activist. The key to success in both activities is not brilliance but discipline, consistency and attention to detail.

Finally, marketing and sales are high return-on-investment (ROI) activities. That means that if you add just a little marketing and sales to your activism, it will be way more powerful and effective.

And if you add a lot—as the AIDS example illustrates—you can change the world.

And there’s nothing more fun than that.

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