12. Time Management Step #5: REFLECT and REFINE, then REPEAT

Spend a few minutes REFLECTING on how successful you were at managing your time over the past week. Be sure to note the things you did right as well as the things you did wrong. Think about whether there’s anything you can do in the upcoming week to improve.

Sometimes, your Weekly Review reveals a problem with your Time Budget or Weekly Schedule. Maybe you allotted one hour for your daily commute, but it really takes only forty minutes. Or maybe you allotted ninety minutes for your yoga session, but it really takes you two hours by the time you finish showering and changing clothes.

If you notice any discrepancies such as these, go back and readjust (REFINE) your Time Budget, Weekly Schedule and Tracking Form to reflect reality.

Whether you had to change anything or not, you should then create a new blank Tracking Form for the upcoming week, and repeat steps 3 (Following and Tracking) and 4 (Tallying and Reviewing) all over again!

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