Other Needs

In Chapter 9, I discussed the fact that all humans have diverse needs. All of us have the “big three” of Health, Relationship and Money needs, but many of us also have intellectual, creative, cultural and spiritual needs, to name just a few other categories.

These needs represent important aspects of our character and personality, and should not be ignored in the name of some higher-seeming goal like activism. Instead, they should be acknowledged, nurtured and celebrated. Doing so will not only make you a happier, more fulfilled person, but a better activist, since:

1. A happy activist is generally a better activist.

2. Your explorations in these areas will deepen your understanding of people and the human condition, thus making you a more powerful and effective advocate.

3. You can promote your progressive values to people you meet while engaged in these endeavors.

The following exercise will give you the opportunity to document these types of important needs.


Whole Person Goals List

Write down your goals for all important areas of your life that weren’t covered in the previous exercises. This could include intellectual, creative, cultural and spiritual goals. We’ll call this document your Whole Person Goals List.

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