About Hillary

Hillary RettigHillary Rettig is a writer, coach and workshop leader who specializes in helping people:

1) increase their productivity (especially, writing productivity), and overcome blocks
2) improve their time use
3) find jobs, and build more meaningful and satisfying careers, and
4) start and grow businesses.

She wrote The Lifelong Activist in 2004 – 2005 because (from the Intro):

I wrote this book because I believe that progressive activists are the world’s most precious resource. We tackle the most difficult and important problems—including hunger, war, disease, poverty, violence, cruelty and exploitation—and work to further humanity’s evolution in the direction of compassion and kindness. Conservatives may create more wealth, but we create more of the values, including justice, equality and freedom, that make life worth living. As history has repeatedly shown us, and as we are unfortunately witnessing in the United States today, wealth without the tempering of progressive values and mores leads inevitably to corruption and despair.

Hillary currently resides in Boston, where she teaches at Grub Street Writers and the Bridges to Business nonprofit microenterprise program.

In a prior career, Hillary was a high tech consultant and journalist, in the latter role publishing hundreds of feature articles in magazines including Wired and Working Woman.

Hillary has spoken before hundreds of audiences across the nation in the activist, arts, community, small business and corporate realms; and in each realm finds wisdom and insight to bring to the others. She has also appeared on national and local television and radio programs, and been quoted in many national and local newspapers.

Hillary’s most recent book, The Seven Secrets of the Prolific: The Definitive Guide to Overcoming Procrastination, Perfectionism and Writer’s Block, is available for purchase or download at hillaryrettig.com. In keeping with her tenets of writer-empowerment, the book was self-published in 2011.

A classic late bloomer who didn’t overcome her blocks, or weave the strands of her own life and interests into a coherent whole, until well after 40, Hillary understands first hand not just the pain of underachievement, but its glorious potential. Her mission is to help as many people as possible, and especially those whose vision and goals extend out into the community, locate and utilize their potential – and thrive.

Along with her professional interests, Hillary is also a vegan, kidney donor, foster mom of four Sudanese refugee teenagers (“Lost Boys”), and lover of animals, especially dogs.

For more information on Hillary, including abundant free downloads, visit www.hillaryrettig.com. Hillary welcomes your emails at hillaryrettig@yahoo.com.

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