Bravo Vegans!

Can I say once more I love activists, and especially vegan activists. (OK, and free software activists – many of whom are the same people.) So much passion, compassion and effectiveness.

Per Vegan Outreach, even the meat industry sees the vegan writing on the wall and is pondering ways to switch to fake meat. They excerpt an article from the Meat and Poultry trade journal:

“Who better to make meat analogs than meat processors themselves?”

[I]nnovative meat analog products keep entering the marketplace and are something to take note of….
These are just a few meat analog products on the market and they are impressive….

[T]here are an increasing number of consumers seeking convenient, value-added products they perceive as being healthier alternatives, as well as being better for the environment. And of course, animal activists and vegetarians, in particular, love the fact that such products contain no animal protein.

And here are data showing that meat consumption is declining in the U.S. per capita. Even the meat industries no longer claim it’s simply the recession.

Both links from the indispensable blog.

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Activist, coach, workshop leader, and author of The Lifelong Activist and The 7 Secrets of the Prolific.

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  1. Andrea says:

    What great news, Hillary. Especially because it sure doesn’t seem that way sometimes! Thanks for posting.

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    I’ve read of some results of the studies which compare vegetarians and other people. The data was quite unexpected and a little contradictory in some aspects. But by the most of characteristics vegetarians were healthier.

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    Thanks for sharing this excerpt with us! I am not a vegan, but I find it absolutely normal when people think about their health or wellness or tradition.

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