New Telephone-Based Support Program for Graduate Students and Other Academic Writers

I’m VERY excited to announce that I am starting a new telephone-based support program specifically for graduate students and other academic writers. Whether you are working to complete a thesis, book, or coursework, the Academic Writing Catalyst Program will not only provide weekly support and a fantastic, caring community, but tools and techniques that will boost your productivity, and lower your stress, now and throughout your career.

Each 90-minute call will start with a 20-minute lesson/discussion on a particular productivity barrier and/or technique. Then we’ll do a round-table discussion in which each participant discusses his or her progress over the last week, and achievements and challenges. I’ll offer advice and insight, and additional valuable advice and insight will come from the other participants.

As we’ve discovered in the Grub Street Writing classes I’ve taught for more than seven years, there’s a real benefit to working on your productivity challenges in a group of like-minded and compassionate peers. A peer group not only “normalizes” your underproductivity, but helps you gain confidence and perspective as you watch (and help) other good people make progress on their productivity challenges.

Calls will be weekly, and last 90 minutes: days and times to be determined. Since it’s a new program, I’m offering the first cycle at a discount: $200 for 8 calls, plus you’ll get a free copy of The 7 Secrets of the Prolific ebook, which I’ll be asking you to do some readings from. The maximum number of participants is 8, so register early. (Use PayPal button, below, or email me for a mailing address for your check.) If at any point you decide the program isn’t for you, I’ll refund the balance, minus $25 per call you’ve already participated in and applicable PayPal or other fees.

The Academic Writing Catalyst Program is truly an investment that will pay off now, and into the future. I look forward to joining you on the call.


Activist, coach, workshop leader, and author of The Lifelong Activist and The 7 Secrets of the Prolific.

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