UC Davis Chancellor does Perp Walk

Chancellor Linda Katehi of UC Davis wound up doing a perp walk in front of what looks like many dozens (or more?) of silent protesters, in the dead of night. It is astonishing how little of a clue she had. How hard would it have been to actually say something – to engage, even in platitudes? Or not say something: just to have listened. To have sat down with them and said, “Please share your concerns.”

She’s probably paralyzed from the awareness that she’s facing huge lawsuits, and is in for a tough ride. (I was going to say that “her career is ruined” – but probably not – people at that level mostly just fail up.)

Honestly, she’s going to get the lawsuits anyway, and so I think she probably chose the worst possible response. One thing’s for sure: she’s in WAY over her head. (Her glazed look reminds me of Bush reading My Pet Goat.)

Watched the Keith Olberman interview with the magnificent 84 yo Dorli Rainey again yesterday; then the brilliant UC Davis protesters. Thinking about them and the strategic geniuses who started OWS. Can’t help comparing them with all the ersatz “geniuses” on Wall Street, who may be good schmoozers or good with numbers, but who are fundamentally undistinguished, and whose main job qualifications are unbridled greed and selfishness. As I teach in my classes, it’s way easier to succeed – in the narrowest sense – if you’re willing to screw others.


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