Online workshop on boosting writing productivity starting Monday Jan 2; also, upcoming workshops in Boston, Providence, New York and North Haven (CT).

Link to upcoming workshops – and if you want me to give a workshop or class to, or on behalf of, your activist group, either in person or via telecom, please email.

Workshops are on time management and overcoming internal barriers to get happier and more productive and effective. They can be aimed at activists, writers, students and other audiences.

Honorarium appreciated, but not always required from activist and similar groups.

Also, I can do online workshops (listserv format) as a fundraiser for your activist group, and would be happy to set your group up as an affiliate for sales of The 7 Secrets of the Prolific. Promote the book to your community, help everyone get more empowered and effective, and get some funds for your group.

Open to all ideas; let me know how I can support your cause.


“Boston Skillshare participants attended Hillary Rettig’s workshops in droves and left with strong tools to manage their lives. Participant feedback described Rettig’s workshops as “inspiring and practical,” “invaluable help to get my life on track,” and a means to “truly examine my time management issues.“ — Bart Admonius, organizer, Boston Skillshare

“Hillary’s message resonated with everyone. Not only did she give helpful practical tools and tips, she helped us get to the underlying issues that stand in the way of being joyful and effective activists. Afterwards, I was swamped with people asking, “where did you FIND her? We really needed this!” —Marisa Miller Wolfson, Fourth Universalist Society, New York City

The response from your presentation was overwhelmingly positive. — Becca Marcus, The Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership, New York, NY

You left raving fans in Pittsburgh! The feedback from your sessions has been wonderful and I look forward to working with you again next year. — Jennifer Morris, Pennsylvania Spring Arts Conference, Pittsburgh, PA

And from workshop participants…

I can’t decide the exact moment my light bulb lit up….but I’ve written 3 chapters. I’m off and runnin’!”

Off-the-charts outstanding. Absolutely astonishing. Honest, respectful, encouraging and sincere. She had us all rapt.”

Very well structured – definitely not too “soft.” It is empowering to hear someone derail the myths that procrastination is laziness and that being an artist means being tortured.”

Your class did exactly what you promised: it got me writing again. I would recommend it to anyone who is blocked.”

Your class so far is right on target….I was both astounded and humbled because you sucker punched me in the gut with your accuracy.”

I woke up yesterday (and today) with enthusiasm instead of dread at the thought of working on my novel. I am taking small steps, but taking them with joy.”

“Hillary’s class opened up new worlds for me…Since taking her class I have finished writing seven chapters in my new manuscript.”


Activist, coach, workshop leader, and author of The Lifelong Activist and The 7 Secrets of the Prolific.

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