Would you like to help translate The Lifelong Activist?

If you’d like to help empower activists by translating a piece of The Lifelong Activist into your language please email me.–Hillary

New! Hebrew

  • My friend Rakefet translated the chapter about Finding and Cultivating Mentors into Hebrew. Download it here.
  • Rakefet has translated a second chapter (Three More Facts About Burnout). Download it here.



  • My friend Alessandro is translating The Lifelong Activist into Italian. Download it here.


  • The 1st section of The Lifelong Activist (“Managing Your Mission”)is now available in Spanish!
  • The 3d section of The Lifelong Activist (“Managing your Fears”)is now available in Spanish!
    Thanks to my friend Erik in Mexico for the translations!
  • Bonus Spanish translation! My job searching guide, It’s Not You, It’s Your Strategy.
    Download here.
    Thanks to my friend Juan in Uruguay for the translation, and a gorgeous illustrated cover!


  • My friend Malte has translated part of The Lifelong Activist into Swedish and added his own annotations. Download it here.